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We do not write just code. We build smart project architectures, helping you with scalability and design.

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Building fast and responsive React apps with latest technologies

We're experienced in building complex Front-end, UI/UX architectures as well as cross-platform mobile apps with React and React Native using modern frameworks.

Reusable components

Employ best practices to use containers when architecting and developing new microservices. Configure and launch auto-scaling, self-healing Kubernetes clusters. Automate immutable infrastructure and CI / CD to ensure stable upgrades and rollbacks, leading to more deployment flexibility and lesser downtime.

Eye for design

Besides React knowledge, our experts have an exceptional eye for design and cannot help but sweat the details. We build you easy-to-implement design systems that ensure consistent output at scale.

Responsive UIs

It's easy to spot applications with cut-off views and overlapping. At Velotio, we take a proactive approach in managing such common issues. So if you are looking for a responsive app that works on different platforms and across devices of different sizes, we can help.

Code applications from ground up

Our React projects have often involved working on more than just front-end technologies. We're happy and extremely capable of handling your full-stack projects, if that's what you want.

Ship mobile apps faster

You can now develop an app that works on both iOS and Android devices. Our React Native engineers can help you save significant development time in building your mobile app as we can reuse up to 90% of the codebase of your web application for the development of your mobile app.


React apps aren't inherently optimized for search engines. This is why we follow clean coding and responsive design practices; ensure a load time of less than three seconds and also utilize additional tools like React Helmet and React Router V4 to ensure that your single page applications are easy to crawl.

Lightning-fast apps

We build you fast and highly-efficient real-time apps that are easy to scale. Our React engineers are highly skilled at profiling and debugging performance issues. Right from using the correct build and immutable data to advanced tools like Perf, memoizing computed props in Redux, shouldComponentUpdate and more, we can handle it all.

Progressive web apps

Imagine people using your app at 10,000 feet or under a subway. PWAs are fast, reliable and engaging and work regardless of the network connectivity, even when your users are offline. Tempted to convert your React app into a PWA or get one build from the scratch? You've come to the right place.

Technologies We Use

React Libraries


CSS Frameworks

Design Frameworks

Unit Testing

Charting/Graphing Libraries

Acceptance Testing

UI components

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