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Let the data generated by your users and the web continuously inform your applications. Power them to identify patterns and independently adapt accurate decision making without any human intervention.

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Maximizing Big Data Potential for Businesses at Every Scale

We build accelerated data analytics and machine learning infrastructure that is designed to handle workloads at every scale.

Our experts are adept at developing well-optimized models with high-performance compute and abide by comprehensive security measures. This helps our customers make decisions faster and in a trusted environment.


Build AI-first products that deploy latest developments from data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Drive better ROIs with our data analytics services tailor-made to suit your specific technology niche.


Leverage machine learning models to derive strategic insights from your data about your products, customers and competitors.

Our cloud communication platform is used by multiple Fortune 500 customers. DataFlexi Technologies built multiple AI bots for us to automate various processes for our customers. They were involved in customer discussions, architecture and delivery as an integral part of our team. I strongly recommend DataFlexi Technologies for their ML capabilities.

Chat & Voice Bots Startup, Series C, San Francisco

DataFlexi Technologies's diverse team of machine learning & data engineering experts helped us discover loopholes in our predictive model and build more accuracy, which helped our customers make better business decisions based on the suggestions offered by our sales intelligence solution.

Sales Intelligence Startup, Series A, San Francisco

Machine Learning Solutions for Different Work Models

Advanced text analysis

Extract key metadata from unstructured text. Let our experts deploy custom models and automate NLU and ML capabilities to help your applications identify and analyze context, relationships, entities and emotion to derive better meaning from the text.

Data preparation

Let us worry about the messy, unstructured or inconsistent data, while you focus on deriving better and more accurate insights for your business. We set up an automated system that profiles, cleans and enriches your data consolidated from disparate sources and puts them together in a standardized format for easy and interactive point and click analysis by your business teams.

Conversational chatbots

We build contextual AI-driven chatbots that are trained to understand your user’s intent and business processes. Improve customer service and increase efficiency of your support teams as you reroute only the queries that need human intervention.

Image processing and speech recognition

Build Deep Learning neural networks that can learn directly from raw data in any form - text, images or voice - to offer extremely accurate predictions for tasks like language translation, object detection, transcription and speech recognition among others.

Forecasting and recommendation systems

Build accurate prediction models using techniques like Regression and Decision Trees. Use trained neural networks and Deep Learning to discover hidden patterns and correlations in your past unstructured data. Predict future outcomes for business use cases like user churn, personalized product recommendations, customer lifetime value et al from the self-learning systems we develop for you.

Robust DevOps for ML (MLOps)

Automate end-to-end data lifecycle. Simplify workflows for model building, training and deployment. Increase efficiency with CI/CD pipelines that ensure high performance and availability. Improve model quality over time and easily manage, support and monitor all models from one centralized portal.

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