Proven Talent & Processes for Every Stage of Development

Leverage our diverse expertise in technology and design to build your MVP in less than 90 days and develop it into a scalable system with continuous growth.

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How it Works

We build software with a Lean and Agile mindset. We use reusable code libraries, documented best practices, distributed multi-tier architectures, extensive testing and cloud native practices to fast-track your software development process and help you get to market faster.

Initial Set Up

We help you choose the right architecture and tools to kickstart your project and provide disciplined, enterprise-aware team of Product Architects, Business Analysts, UI/UX Designers and expert Engineers to bring your vision to life.


Dedicated Team Leads

Every project is overseen by an experienced domain expert who will manage the entire project and will be your point of contact.

Complete Accountability

We take end-to-end responsibility of project implementation and delivery so you can focus on your core business.

Buliding an MVP

We help you check basic assumptions with carefully-chosen feature set to make your product launch-ready. Our proven frameworks and reusable code libraries help us accelerate your time-to-market and build an MVP in less than 90 days.


Achieving Product-market Fit

We use Agile methods to enhance product capabilities based on user feedback and behavior analytics until you achieve the perfect fit for your target market.


Scaling the Product

Our engineers employ industry best practices to help you manage your rapidly expanding user base while improving developer productivity. The aim here is to build a stable and scalable model that allows you to create value for your users with minimum technical debt.

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Achieving New Milestones Together

Once the product is stable and growing rapidly, we can continue to fulfill any technical or design requirements to meet your constantly-evolving business goals as you continue to achieve new milestones.


Why High-growth Startups Choose DataFlexi Technologies?

Fully-managed team

Domain experts manage the team in one location and will be responsible to help you achieve your targets in time.

Startup speed

Reduce your build cycles with our reusable frameworks and code libraries that help us launch MVPs in less than 90 days.

Pro-active communication

Over-communication is an integral part of our processes at Velotio. We maintain complete transparency about the progress and status of your project as well as individual performance of each team member.


Achieve aggressive targets with tight deadlines. We help you quickly add experienced engineers that meet your skill requirement without wasting months in the tedious hiring process.

End-to-end Product Development

Every stage of the product requires a unique set of experts to collaborate closely and build a user-centric product that resolves specific business challenges.

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