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Set up a high-performance Kubernetes Platform

We specialize in building Kubernetes infrastructures in all environments - public, on-premise, and hybrid cloud. Our engineers work closely with you to build infrastructures that are completely secure, reliable, and perfect to manage your production workloads - now or in the future.

As early adopters of container technologies, we have all the Kubernetes capabilities you would need to build solutions for all major cloud platforms. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes services - EKS, GKE and AKS. We also have extensive experience in service mesh and many other microservices' design patterns.

We will eliminate technical debt and integrate DevOps and continuous delivery pipelines to enable automation and orchestration that will help you achieve your modernization goals.

Technologies We Work With

Deploy scalable microservices on Kubernetes

Use Kubernetes to manage, deploy, scale, and update your applications. Our engineers are experts in building and managing highly resilient and scalable container-based infrastructures that are stable and can roll out new features quickly without disruption of service.

We configure and launch auto-scaling, self-healing Kubernetes clusters and set up automated immutable infrastructures and CI / CD. This ensures that you get more stable upgrades and rollbacks, leading to improved deployment flexibility and lesser downtime at scale.

We stay with you at every step as you assess, pilot, and operate your Kubernetes infrastructure. Our team also trains and onboards your in-house developers and offers the necessary post-deployment support so your team can manage cluster-based container systems efficiently.

Migrate to a modern cloud native architecture

Migrate monolithic legacy applications to the cloud. Our engineers utilize open source components, enterprise-grade frameworks, and microservices' architecture to modernize ecosystems. We ensure an extremely smooth migration without interrupting the experience of your existing users.

We develop a robust container strategy to transform your organization’s efficiency and speed. We get down to the nitty-gritties, assist you with selecting the right tools, and establish strong security measures to ensure complete protection against data loss and vulnerabilities.

Cloud native application development

DataFlexi Technologies’s engineers employ best practices to architect and develop microservices.

At DataFlexi Technologies, we provide you with a team of experts that have all the skills and knowledge you need to develop and manage a cloud native application. Our engineers are experts in Docker, microservices, Kubernetes, and distributed systems.

We utilize agile, reusable components like containers that will enable rapid deployment and experimentation for your delivery teams and help you scale faster than ever.

Cloud Infrastructure audit and continuous compliance

We evaluate every aspect of your readiness as a robust production-grade cloud platform, including security, cost, and compliance (HIPAA, SOC 2 and PCI). Our experts suggest automation strategies to ensure optimum resource allocation.

We establish mature security assessment and monitoring processes for privacy, data usage, and protection so your business environment is protected at all times.

Custom resources and operators

Go beyond the default installation. Adding a custom resource to a Kubernetes cluster helps us leverage all the Kubernetes features for you like API, security, RBAC, etc.

Operator frameworks make this task even easier allowing you to make these extensions without having to understand the complicated workings of the underlying technology. You can combine custom resource with custom controllers for a true declarative API.

The DataFlexi Technologies

Efficient resource allocation and well-managed production-grade workloads are at the core of our Kubernetes services.

We add great value to projects that involve building scalable ETL / data pipelines, real-time analytics platforms, and ML workloads.

Cost optimization
Faster deployment
Improved observability
Stable upgrades or rollbacks
Shorter recoveries
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