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Go from Idea to MVP in 90 days

Hire offshore teams with diverse expertise to build the first version of your product. Work closely to reach the product market fit with continuous iterations.

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Accelerate Your Time-to-market with On-demand Software Teams

We utilize Agile methodologies and lean processes to build innovative products at startup speed. Besides tangible outcomes, a huge component of successful partnerships for us is to be a reliable technology partner you can trust. We set up processes and manage projects in a way that gives you the same level of confidence and peace of mind that you have with your internal teams.

Complete team

Our experienced, enterprise-aware team of Business Analysts, Product Architects, Designers and Developers collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Interim CTO

Our top management takes forward your engineering vision and set up the core architecture. We build a strong foundation that optimize your SDLC for high velocity and sustainability.

How We Get You Launch-ready

We capture
the problem
Help you define your product requirements
Determine the scope of MVP & prioritize features
Build MVP in a few weeks
Create interactive,
low-fidelity prototypes
Validate MVP with early adopters
User feedback goes back into the product

Proven Playbooks and Reusable Components for Faster Releases

Mature back-end frameworks

Getting lost in a sea of new frameworks delay shipping time extensively. While our engineers are always keen to adapt new technologies, we extensively bank on mature frameworks like Django, Flask, and RoR for our clients.

Well-managed project

Complexities are a part and parcel of every project. Our Product Managers and Business Analysts are great problem solvers who do all the fire-fighting on your behalf and lead our team of UI/UX designers and engineers to bring your ideas to life.

Reusable react components library

Setting up a bespoke development environment from scratch takes time. Hit the ground running with our reusable React components library that saves up to 30% of your time from the get go.

Design systems

Our exclusive design system goes beyond pattern library and style guide. It acts as a centralized repository of the standards and implementation guidelines that ensures consistency in everything we design at scale.

Playbooks for success

Having worked on hundreds of projects for clients with varying requirements, our playbooks for Machine Learning, ETL, Data Engineering, and Analytics are tried and proven, allaying risks and enabling great scalability.

Safely deploy your product to the cloud

Increase your company’s ability to deliver applications and improve products at higher velocity. Trust our in-house DevOps expertise to simplify managing infrastructure, deploying code, automating software releases, and optimizing infrastructure performance.

End-to-end Product Development

Every stage of the product requires a unique set of experts to collaborate closely and build a user-centric product that resolves specific business challenges.

Success stories

DataFlexi Technologies Top Clientele

Marketing Tech

Project Cost: $150k
Project Duration: 6+ months
Expertise offered:
- Prototyping
- Product Architecture
- Machine Learning
- Data Engineering

Real Estate Tech

Project Cost: $175k
Project Duration: 8+ months
Expertise offered:
- UI/UX design
- End to End Product Development
- Cloud and DevOps
- Quality Assurance

FinTech Startup

Project size: $200k
Project Duration: 7+ months
Expertise offered:
- UI/UX design
- Product architecture
- Machine Learning
- Support and Maintenance
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